About Us

Band of Artists is a multi dimensional organization made up of educators, performers and scientists who are passionate about inspiring the concept that human beings, through understanding and embracing their challenges, have the capacity to alter the quality of their lives.

Band of Artists is at the forefront of a movement being born that not only creates awareness about neurological disorders but also gives a powerful voice that inspires appreciation and admiration for people who are different.

Founder and Director Sutie Madison is all about taking on her disabilities and re-defining them as art. Sutie has Tourette Syndrome and is taking her neurological disorder to a new level. She uses physical and vocal tics, both her own as well as others’ as a foundation for choreography, creating an innovative and surreal form of modern dance.

“I have created something that both ignites imagination and inspires tolerance and understanding for people who are different. It has become the formula for my creative process.”

Band of Artists also features a neuroscientist at each show who not only defines what Tourette Syndrome is but also dispels common myths and stereotypes associated with Tourettes. Band of Artists believes that the most interesting and successful performances are those that activate both sides of the brain.

“My vision is to bring empowerment and respect to people by using my own disability as a main point of reference throughout our presentation. My story is just the beginning. I aim to draw from others through developing, collaborating and directing different media pieces, scientific lectures, and performing arts events. Each will highlight both social and self awareness in the lives of people who have the courage to embrace their challenge by finding a unique way of expressing them.”