Our Story

Everett Dance Theatre had an enormous impact on the development of Band of Artists.  At the time, Everett was working on a remarkable production called Brain Storm. Brain Storm is about exploring and creating awareness about a variety of neurological conditions through theatre and dance.  Leading up to the premier of Brain Storm, the company would have monthly “Brain Cafes” were they would do smaller short pieces almost like studies on these different neurological disorders. This was there method of gathering data that would later be sorted and used as material for Brain Storm.

Immediately following my graduation in 2011, Alan Powell (assistant Director) suggested I contact this company up in Providence to see if they would be interested in doing a small production about Tourettes. Fortunately for me, they said yes and I found myself working side by side with the company performers for two weeks collaborating on their June 2011 Brain Café about Tourettes! Having shown them my video work on Tourettes, They encouraged me to attempt my own version of Brain Café back in Philly.  It didn’t take me long to realize I had just found my calling and our meeting was not just a cool coincidence. Three months later I began my first rehearsals with my troupe, Band of Artists.

“Sutie came to Providence for two weeks and collaborated with us on a short performance of the history of Tourette Syndrome for a Brain Café.  Sokeo and Edgar incorporated her tics into a hip hop routine and talked about similar movements that already exist in hip hop, like popping, krumping and ticking.  Sutie was very open about her experience so we were able to explore it with her unselfconsciously, even laughing and joking about the tics together. At the Brain Café, Sutie talked about how the tics begin to stop when she is creating art or dancing because she is so focused on another activity. She advocates arts and sports as therapy for people with Tourette Syndrome.  When Sutie returned home to Philadelphia, she created a similar performance and discussion.”

– Everett Dance Theatre- June 2011, Brain Cafe