In preparation for exciting events in Band of Artist’s future, the group reflects on a successful fall run of A Dancing Disorder. Despite inclement weather, a substantial crowd came out to see the show at the Painted Bride. It was an entertaining and highly innovative addition to Philly Fringe Fest.

The show at Arcadia was very well received. More than 300 excited students, faculty and community members filled the house both nights. Each show was standing room only. Not surprisingly, since the production is very well-suited to an academic environment.

A fantastic audience engagement occurred, especially during the Q&A. Sutie and other collaborators were astonished and touched as audience member, Matthew Clifford, shared his own experiences with the disorder and how he found the show inspiring. As a result, he and his wife have since joined the Band of Artists cause. During the final show the Q&A panel included Sutie’s daughter Della and her nephew Toby.

It seems that the show has also generated word of mouth. A child psychologist from Yale, James Leckman, traveled to the area just to see the show first hand. BOA was featured in both the Intelligencer and the Bucks County Courier Times. PBS was also at Arcadia filming in preparation for a documentary on BOA! It’s clear that A Dancing Disorder created a buzz and the community is better for it.

Tell us what you thought of the show! If you missed it, what do you think BOA can do to better spread awareness of TS? Leave us your thoughts, comments, questions and inspirations. The vision of BOA is to bring creative people together, how can you contribute?