Jun 30

Multi-disciplinary Artist with Tourettes Collaborates with Everett’s Brain Cafe

On Thursday, June 30 at 7:30 PM at Everett Carriage House Stage in Providence, Sutie Madison, a multi-disciplinary artist with Tourette Syndrome will be collaborating with Everett Dance Theatre, transforming vocal and motor tics into exuberant and avante garde choreographic and theatrical sketches. According to Madison, Tourette Syndrome is often misinterpreted,

“Although Tourette Syndrome is a great challenge in my life there are worthwhile advantages to this disability and, in fact, to any disability. I want to give others like myself a voice that doesn’t necessarily beckon pity but rather nudges one to question their own pre-conceived notions about people with disabilities.”

Combining the intensity of dance with the compelling language and movement of Tourette Syndrome will give viewers an eye-opening perspective on this disorder.  Read the full article here.

The Brain Café is a free series of monthly presentations that invite audiences to engage in a dialogue at the intersections of neuroscience, medicine and the arts.  The Brain Café invites audiences to share in Everett Dance Theatre’s research and creative process as they develop BRAIN STORM, a multimedia concert that will examine new developments in brain research and the imminent neurological revolution.  Learn more about The Brain Cafe and BRAIN STORM at Everett Dance Company’s website here.