Tim Howard

Tim Howard

U.S. soccer star goalkeeper, Tim Howard was diagnosed with TS when he was only nine years old.  Howard immersed himself in sports as a child, excelling in soccer.(1)  He suffers from tics of facial twitching, clearing of throat and OCD.(2)  At a young age, he learned how to suppress his condition through sheer willpower.(3)

Tourettes did not stop this American soccer player from advancing his career playing for the North Jersey Imperials, MetroStars, Manchester United, Everton and US National Team.  In 2001 Howard won the MLS Goalkeeper of the year and MLS Best XI (again in 2002) awards.  He received the PFA Premier League Team of the Year in 2003 and 2004.  Howard received the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year in 2008, FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Glove in 2009 along with MLS All-Star Game MVP.(4)

In 2001 Tim Howard received the MLS Humanitarian of the Year for his dedication in assisting children with TS.  Howard also participates in Athletes in Action.(4)


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