Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Famous Classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, battled Tourette Syndrome.  In the documentary, What Makes Mozart Tic?, James McConnel suggests that the musical genius’ compositions were influenced by TS.(1)  According to McConnel, Mozart displayed signs of twitching and obsessive nature, all signs of the disorder.(2)

While his older sister, Anna Marie, was taking piano lessons from their father, three year old Mozart observed intently.  By the age of four, he could play certain songs and kept time.  When he was five years old, Mozart was composing musical pieces which his father wrote down.  Naturally musically inclined on both the piano and violin, Mozart’s talents were displayed to European royalty at a young age.(3)

Over the years, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has composed over 600 pieces and is truly known as one of the world’s best classical composers.(3)


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