Band of Artists is currently seeking:

  • Neuroscientists interested in research involving the effects that dance and movement have on neurological disorders.
  • Artists and musicians who share a similar vision that want to collaborate on new projects and future productions
  • Other individuals with Tourette Syndrome who would be willing to be interviewed and share their symptoms that may be used in future choreography.
  • Students who are looking for a summer internship (2012) in the disciplines of Theatre Production, Film, Radio, Dance and Movement Therapy, Choreography and Neurology/Behavioral Therapy.

If any of these opportunities inspire you, please contact Band of Artists today. Please provide a message below explaining how you would like to become involved. Band of artists is an open minded, inclusive bunch who are more interested in getting their message out there than with personal fame or glory. So don’t be shy. If you want to help spread the message and your heart is in the right place, chances are, they will welcome you with open arms!

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