Sponsors, Patrons, and Donors

Band of Artists is pleased to have the support and patronage of organizations and donors throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.  Without their commitment to our cause, we would not be where we are today, in spreading Tourettes awareness, as well as information about other neurological disorders that are commonly misunderstood and stereotyped in several populations and cultures.

Many Thanks to

these organizations:

  • Arcadia University
  • The Philly Fringe Arts Festival
  • Abington Memorial Hospital
  • Penn State University Abington
  • The Michener Museum

as well as these individuals:

  • Manfred Fischbeck, Group Motion
  • Elbert St. Claire, Furlong PA
  • Bryan Shapiro, Hatboro PA
  • Alice Gross, Abington PA
  • Frank Medici, Allergen Foundation

Make a difference!

If you want to help spread Tourette Syndrome awareness by supporting Band of Artists, make a donation today!