Ticcing to the Beat

An intimate look into the rare and often daring life led by Band of Artists’ director, Sutie Madison.
Watch as she drives a car while hardly looking at the road, sings Problem by Ariana Grande, swings fearlessly across monkey bars and much much more……Do not miss this poignant, hilarious and So-Realistic-It-Hurts-My-Teeth Documentation about SUtie’s life with Tourette syndrome.

Filmed, edited and produced by documentarian, Jacqueline Quidort.

Order Out of Chaos

The Doctor is In: Debuting in November 2014, Order Out of Chaos is sure to be Band of Artists’ most challenging attempt to push the envelope of artistic innovation.  Order Out of Chaos explores alcoholism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through an … Continue reading

It’s Cool to be Different- Helping Kids Understand Tourettes

Tourettes: It’s Cool To Be Different is a presentation to help children embrace being different and understand TS in the world around them. To help spread awareness about Tourettes, Band of Artists’ founder Sutie Madison does speaking engagements for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Continue reading

Tourettes: A Dancing Disorder

From Band of Artists founder Sutie Madison, comes the stage production Tourettes: A Dancing Disorder. Inspired by physical tics and twitches of Tourettes patients, this production was featured at the 2012 Philadelphia Live Arts Fringe Festival. The show unveils Tourette Syndrome and reveals its creative intelligence. Continue reading

Intersection: Tourette Syndrome

From Band of Artists founder Sutie Madison, comes Intersection: Tourette’s Syndrome, a production inspired by her own physical tics and twitches. In it, she takes her dancers through the paces of an obsessive-compulsive mindset. The dance performance is packaged with a musical performance by a composer with Tourette’s, a hip-hop dance troupe who compare Tourette’s syndrome twitches with break-dancing moves, and a presentation by a neurologist who will explain away some common misperceptions about Tourette’s. Continue reading

The Twitch Trials

‘The Twitch Trials’ series were some of the experimental works of Band of Artists. Offering a one-of-a-kind perspective on Tourette Syndrome, these videos were studies on how vocal and motor tics, when sequenced and manipulated, can become their own form of music, dance or language system. Continue reading