Intersection: Tourette Syndrome

From Band of Artists founder Sutie Madison, comes Intersection: Tourette Syndrome, a production inspired by her own physical tics and twitches. In it, she takes her dancers through the paces of an obsessive-compulsive mindset. The dance performance is packaged with a musical performance by a composer with Tourette’s, a hip-hop dance troupe who compare Tourette Syndrome twitches with break-dancing moves, and a presentation by a neurologist who will explain away some common misperceptions about Tourettes.

“Combining the intensity of dance with the compelling language and movement of Tourettes, Band of Artists will give viewers an eye-opening perspective on this neurological disorder.”

“Speaking as a young man with Tourette’s, I am simply overjoyed to have such a beautiful dance made out of this diagnosis. Thanks Sutie Madison for taking the reality of what we go through into such a universal language as dance! I have Tourettes. Tourettes doesn’t have me.”
-Anonymous, diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome

“I had the priviledge of sitting in on one of the early rehearsals… The rehearsal process in which Madison prepares her dancers for the performance is very organic. Madison spoke with her dancers about the connection between TS and OCD. She asked the dancers to interpret an adjective that defined life with TS. She asked them to choose a number and that would be the number of times they would have to stop dancing to wash their hands in a basin at the edge of the dance floor.

Awestruck, I watched as both of these fixations played out in front of me. The dancers struggled in attempts to focus on their short evocative pieces while also being disrupted by long interludes of hand-washing. The exercise had a definite effect on the dancers’ psyche and completely emersed them in the experience. As an audience member, I was very moved by the willingness of the dancers to explore and translate so well the difficulties of living with the illness.”
– bttrflyscar, blogger
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