Order Out of Chaos

The Doctor is In:

Order Out of Chaos, a Band of Artists ProductionDebuting in November 2014, Order Out of Chaos is sure to be Band of Artists’ most challenging attempt to push the envelope of artistic innovation.  Order Out of Chaos explores alcoholism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through an idiosyncratic mélange of mediums.  It is a three-part suite, incorporating a distinctive combination of modern dance, musical composition, poetry— and neurochemical disorders.

Building on the choreography and content of previous performances, the first dance revisits Tourettes Syndrome. The piece is grounded in the verbal and nonverbal kinetic tics, or neurochemical misfirings, common to those with the illness, and explores some of Tourette’s social effects, like stigmatization and bullying.

The second piece of the suite, The Doctor is In, has BOA’s professional dancers moving in provocative juxtaposition to an unusual soundtrack: an actual physician’s monologue on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Madison says the third piece, concerning alcohol addiction, seamlessly and logically follows from the suite’s second movement because addiction functions very much like a variety of OCD.  Recent research in the field of addiction bears this out, and much of the project’s financial backing comes from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, which supports the notion that addiction and OCD are comorbidly inseparable.

Drinking: My Love Story is dance, achingly choreographed to confessional poetry about Madison’s struggle with alcohol for over a decade.  Madison describes her addiction as a romance poisoned by deception and entrapment, delusions of grandeur and inexorable spiritual suffocation.

Videos from 2014 Performances

Behind My Back:

Entry #47: The American Male

Drinking: My Love Story

Closing Sequence